Boutique groups 2-5

Boutique Groups 2-5 is the Academy’s signature course. This creative and exciting course is held in the City Business Library at lunchtime throughout the week. The classroom is right in the centre of the City of London and this course perfectly suits busy working professionals. Our Boutique Groups’ lessons are focused on speaking and listening skills of Business Mandarin Chinese. We introduce business culture and business etiquette throughout the course, together with Chinese characters as some of our students aim to be able to read business documents. We teach you how to type and send text messages and emails in Mandarin Chinese.

Taking the Business Chinese Test (BCT) at the end of a course is a good way of assessing your learning outcome from this module. For more information about BCT training, please see Business Chinese Test (BCT).

Course information

Level Time Fees Additional Information
Beginner 1 6 weeks/1 hour each £199 £299 for B1+B2 package
Beginner 2 6 weeks/1 hour each £199
Elementary 1 10 weeks/1 hour each £299 £499 for E1+E2 package
Elementary 2 10 weeks/1 hour each £299
Intermediate 1 10 weeks/1 hour each £299 £499 for IM1+IM2 package
Intermediate 2 10 weeks/1 hour each £299
Upper-intermediate 1 10 weeks/1 hour each £299 £499 for UIM1+UIM2 package
Upper-intermediate 2 10 weeks/1 hour each £299
Advanced 1 10 weeks/1 hour each £299 £499 for A1+A2 package
Advanced 2 10 weeks/1 hour each £299
You are welcome to come for a trial.